Audio/Video Communication


Data Analytics and Visualization

1.1 Self Service BI

This video shows the ease of doing your own customized report with Mi-BIS.

1.2 Airline Data Statictical and Predictive Analysis

Mi-BIS visualizes 120 million of airline records for statistical value and predictive analysis.

1.3 Airline Calendar

The visualization of airlines delayed for each day for 30 years is shown with Mi-BIS.

Many-Core Computing

Text / String Algorithms:

1. Exact Match

This video shows text / string  matching using exact match algorithm.

2. Edit Distance

Edit distance algorithm searches for similarity in the strings compared.

3. Wildcard

For this algorithm, exact string is searched for any occurrence in the whole string.

4. CPU vs GPU

Comparison of the CPU and GPU performance.


1. CPU vs GPU using Mi-BIS

Performance of Galactica compared with CPU for 120 million records using Mi-BIS.

2. Simple, Complex and Comparison Query Performance

This video shows the simple and complex SQL query processing by Galactica. There is also a comparison with CPU.