Accelerative Technology Lab (ATL) is established as part of ICT Division at MIMOS. Currently, the lab is focused on research and development in three(3) key areas:

• Many and Multi core Computing
• Data Analytics and Visualization
• Audio-Video & Image Data Analytics

In Many and Multi-core computing, the lab focuses on computing components R&D for Heterogeneous Computing Platform (MiAccLib) enabling new parallel algorithms in selected domains. Current research includes area such as CPU/GPU-based Database acceleration, Video Analytics, Cryptography, Text Mining/Analytics, Machine Learning Algorithms, Financial Algorithms and Oil & Gas Algorithms. Some of the activities of the Lab are supported by MIMOS-NVidia-HP partnership (gpu.mimos.my).

MIMOS accelerated library (MiAccLib) is a collection of accelerated libraries that covers both Specific/Generic functionalities and result of our R&D activities. For example, the text/string library is currently being used in Socso for data cleansing, where the library accelerates the data cleansing in just 45 minutes compared to more than a day by using multi-core CPU. The library is also one of the popular application using NVIDIA GPU as publicized in NVIDIA’s website (embed the side). MiAccLib2.x has been adopted by many projects, customers, Technology Recipients and products meeting their specific acceleration needs.

Data Analytics & Visualization is a platform that creates a convenient environment for report creation, data analytics, data visualisation for business intelligence. This platform (Mi-BIS) supports big data operations/analytics and uses both MiAccLib components and other open big data architectures (e.g hadoop). It offers a middleware layer that integrates seamlessly regular RDBMS, Hadoop and GPU-based Database Acceleration Engine (GalacticaDB(TM)) for algorithm simulation, statistics integration, predictive analytics and statistics analytics. This enables ease of usage for creating and organising reports, in-depth analysis of data exploration, ad-hoc query analysis and visualization of multi-dimensional data for decision-making process. For example it is being adopted by MOSTI as its dashboard presentation tool. Mi-BIS also being used both internally and externally by different customers and Technology Recipients.

AV & Image Data Processing does two-way video and audio communication and with network monitoring and adjustment applications, it provides optimum service to users for seamless secure AV Data communication and analytics. Research includes video and image analytics as well as acceleration of AV Data processing/analytics. Current use case includes 4-way multi-site communication used in medical learning, where live surgery from the operation theatre can be shared with lecture halls and experts from remote locations. This is currently being used in HUKM.


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